About the partnership

Non-profit Partnership " Union of Wild Plant Processors» 

NP "Union of Wild Plant Processors" is a non-profit organization established in 2007 by leading Russian producers and processors of food forest resources, which today unites companies engaged in the harvesting and processing of wild plants throughout the Russian Federation. The Union includes organizations that specialize in the development of production for processing various types of wild products (nuts, berries, mushrooms, medicinal plants, etc.).

Key industry issues

  • imperfection of legal regulation in the field of collection and purchase of all types of wild resources;
  • regulation of the trade turnover of wild plant products in the domestic and foreign markets;
  • customs regulation of legal relations related to the movement of wild products across the border, including changes in the HS codes for certain types of wild plants;
  • financial support of procurement activities;
  • tax planning for the turnover of wild products;
  • wild plant industry development programs;
  • quality of wild products.

Union goals:

  • Formation of a national market for food forest products, renewable forest resources.
  • Coordination of business activities of the members of the Union for the development of the wild plant industry in the field of collection( purchase), processing and marketing of all types of wild resources.
  • Protecting the interests and defending the positions of the members of the Union in the framework of conducting business activities in the field of

Union tasks:

  • collecting (purchasing) raw materials of wild plants, processing and trading all types of wild products.
  • organization of work on the formation and systematic development of the wild plant industry, creating conditions for the development of entrepreneurship at all stages of the wild plant turnover from harvesting to deep processing;
  • analysis, expertise and assistance in solving industry problems;
  • structuring the business and determining the procedure for conducting business activities in the field of turnover of food and other renewable resources/forest products in the domestic and foreign markets;
  • representation and protection of the professional interests of the members of the Union in the conditions of the formation of the market of food forest resources;
  • formation of proposals for inclusion in the draft regulatory legal acts regulating the rules of doing business in the field of food and forest resources;
  • development of relations with public authorities and management, local self-government, law enforcement agencies, public organizations, investment funds and other structures that can assist in achieving the statutory goals of the Union;
  • popularization of products, development of export of non-primary goods produced from wild raw materials.
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